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Poor Weather Conditions

It is estimated that approximately 40,000 car accidents occur each year in the United States. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that one in four of those accidents involve dangerous weather-related conditions that have caused drivers to lose control of their motor vehicles.

One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes while driving in poor weather conditions is to be prepared and take precautions that will reduce the risk of a car accident.

  • Make sure that cars or trucks have properly working brakes and windshield wipers.
  • All fluids should be properly checked to help ensure that the automobile will function properly on the roads.
  • Before driving, windshields should be cleaned and all windows should be cleared of dirt, debris, snow, and ice.
  • Cars and trucks should be equipped with ice scrapers, wiper fluid, anti-freeze, jumper cables, and coolant.
  • Tires should be checked periodically to make sure they are safe to drive on in the best and worst of conditions.
  • Cell phones need to be checked to ensure they are fully charged. Although people should never talk on cell phones while driving, they may have to be used in emergency situations or if cars get stuck on the sides of roads.
  • Keep sunglasses in a glove box. Sun glare can obstruct drivers’ views which can cause car accidents.
  • In poor weather conditions allow extra time to get to destinations.

The Dangers of Driving through Rain, Fog and Wind

When it is raining, head lights need to be used and drivers must reduce speeds. If possible, people should avoid driving on roads that easily flood. Middle lanes of highways are usually elevated a little higher than the left or right lanes making them less likely to get flooded. It is important to keep proper distances between vehicles, especially in the rain. When the roads are very wet, it is a good idea for drivers to follow the tracks of the cars ahead of them in order to avoid skidding and causing a multi-vehicle accident.

One of the most dangerous conditions to drive through is fog. Depending on the intensity, maneuvering through fog can impede the ability to see objects until they are immediately in front of the driver. When driving through fog it is imperative to drive slowly, turn on low-beam headlights, and use defrosters and windshield wipers. In cases of severe fog, flashers many need to be used. Sudden stops should be avoided. People should never hesitate to carefully pull cars off of a roadway if driving safely becomes impossible.

Driving in the wind can pose hazards, especially for recreational vehicles. The best way to drive in windy conditions is to maintain slow speeds and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel in case a sudden adjustment is needed due to unexpected wind gusts.

Snowy and Icy Conditions

It is often very difficult to drive in snowy and icy conditions. Driving safely in these hazardous conditions takes special care when slowing down, turning, and stopping. Low gears should be used to drive down hills. Knowing how to use tire chains and keeping them in your vehicle is always a good idea. Drivers should be extra cautious when crossing bridges in icy conditions because bridge surfaces tend to freeze first.

Black ice is an extremely hazardous weather condition. It is difficult to detect and often gives roads the appearance of simply being wet. If ice is building up on car windows and mirrors, it could be a sign that black ice is forming on the roads. Slowing down and proceeding with caution are the best defenses against black ice.

Driving in Hot Weather

Driving in extreme heat can also cause some potentially hazardous driving conditions. When driving in hot weather, temperature gauges should be checked often. Drivers who experience overheating of their vehicle should turn off air conditioners in order to cool down their engine before making every attempt to carefully pull off of the road as soon as possible. Engines should be turned off for about 20 minutes before attempting to drive again.

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