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Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyers

Represent Victims Injured in Accidents due to Negligent Vehicle Maintenance

It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle they are operating is properly maintained and in good working order to prevent the chance of a car accident.  This is the main reason that the state of Pennsylvania requires annual motor vehicle inspections at private maintenance facilities.  When a vehicle is not properly maintained and repaired as necessary, the risk of a car accident increases.

Poor Maintenance and Repair Mistakes

Typically, when a vehicle fails to operate properly it is the result of the owner’s failure to properly maintain the vehicle and/or get it repaired as necessary. Other times, motorists trust that a trained mechanic will properly maintain and fix their car so that it operates efficiently and safely, but the car malfunctions due to the negligence of a service technician.  If a vehicle is carelessly and negligently maintained or repaired, the chances of it failing to operate properly and causing a car accident escalates.

Owners who neglects routine maintenance and necessary service and repairs of their cars puts themselves and others at a greater risk of injury in car accidents.  When the owner of an automobile fails to repair their vehicle and continues to drive the unsafe car, they will be subject to liability in the event of a car accident.  For this reason, car owners must take heed and pay attention to important information regarding product recalls for their vehicle; promptly service their car if the check engine light activates; be mindful of the need to replace worn-down tires; and look for any other warning signs that may alert the driver to necessary service repairs.

There are a variety of malfunctions in a vehicle that may create owner liability for injuries and property damage in the case of a car crash.  Accidents can result from brakes that were not properly serviced, repaired or installed and as a result, malfunctioned.  In certain instances, replacing a car’s tire with the wrong type for the vehicle or not properly securing the tire to the rim can often lead to a dangerous tire blowout car accident which can cause severe injuries.

If a mechanical failure occurs as a result of substandard work performed by a mechanic, the third party may be held accountable for their negligent actions.  An experienced, knowledgeable Pittsburgh car accident lawyer can help victims hold responsible parties legally liable for their injuries.

Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyers Represent Accident Victims due to Poor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Car accidents due to poor vehicle maintenance can cause a great amount of harm and serious injury to others.  Pittsburgh car accident lawyers at The Moyles Law Firm have represented numerous victims of car accidents to help them investigate and uncover every detail of the crash to ensure all responsible parties are held accountable.  Mr. Moyles is committed to helping accident victims and their families get the compensation they deserve.   Call our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers today at 412-281-1055 or 717-233-5400 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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